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shower mohawk
Jan 05, 2004
2:43 pm

It rather amuses me that I never update here much anymore because I do still like this place. This layout still makes me giggle everytime I visit [my own site, yes]. But the passion just isn't in this address anymore. Or it wasn't. Maybe it has returned. I have said this in the past, I know, but perhaps I mean it this time.

It's not as though I've stopped writing. I still make the occasional appearance at jessrawk and constant presence at crushileptic. The desire to write online is still there; it's just not here.

Until now?

I wanted to revisit this place. I wanted to reconnect, remember those I used to indulge in around these parts and with these words. Perhaps this will go somewhere, perhaps not. I'll just wait and see...

This place seemed lonely without a word for so long, since August.

the bottom line is love